💹Position Trading

Why NFTs?

We are confident that NFT is the easiest thing to adopt users, by putting a new concept into old things, users will not take too long to get used to it.

Like NFT, NFT Position can be traded on NFT Marketplaces & transferred between users.

Besides, we open up opportunities for investors in the secondary market:

  • Sale Creator: There is a part of passive income from the royalties system of NFT Position transactions

  • New Investor: New investors can always enter the market when they see the potential of tokens, which are still vesting in NFT Position. Besides, NFT trading also avoids scams when trading OTC.

Attention: Use extreme caution when utilizing the NFT Position Offer or Bid feature on NFT Marketplaces because the existing owner may first claim tokens before approving. When the NFT Position is listed, the temporary owner of the NFT will be the smart contract of the marketplace, and then the amount of tokens in the NFT will be safe.

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