🧙‍♂️NFT Position

NFT Position is a brand-new function developed by Proton Sale for the purpose of extending the secondary market and protecting investors who enter there for investments.

Since most users are already familiar with NFTs, this approach makes it easier for them to utilize this function more quickly, which lowers the cost of education. Therefore, in order to help perform this mission, NFT-Position is used according to the following process.

In detail, NFTs will specifically be utilized as endorsements of users' investments. After a successful sale, they can utilize the NFT to claim tokens at TGE and Vested tokens, thereby opening up a Secondary Market where investments can be exchanged with each other.

With this approach, we expect to expand the pool of potential investors by creating more opportunities for the next investors and generate Passive Income for Sale Creators across the entire ProtonSale Ecosystem.

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