The mission of Proton is to connect the project and investors, besides, we always uphold measures to protect investors when participating.

As a decentralized launchpad, we all respect the privacy of our projects, however, we strongly condemn scams and rugpulls. We will offer a variety of indicators to investors so they can decide whether or not to take part in the Sale.

KYC Badge

How to get

The identity of the project owner is determined by submitting ID documents (Passport, National ID) to an automated platform (such as Blockpass, Jumio)

The KYC process serves as a deterrent for suspect DEV, with the goal of eliminating scams and rugpulls from our platform. If any member of the KYCed projects' team defrauds investors:

  • We will reveal their identities.

  • We will disclose this information in case anyone hopes to pursue legal action.

To investors

If you have serious reservations about a project with evidence proving that the project is a scam, please get in touch with us ASAP and provide as much documentation as you can. We will examine the claim and let you know the result of our investigation.

Doxx Badge

Doxx Badge encourages Project Owners to put their identity behind their project. By enabling more thorough verification, it advances the KYC process while also increasing investor security.

To receive the Doxx badge, all you need to do is:

  • Complete KYC with ProtonSale

  • Upload a video AMA on to YouTube and share it with your community (via Telegram &/or Discord) - the video must remain public. You must show Community link and people who ask questions in the video

Audit Badge

ProtonSale will provide audit badges to Sale that have the audit report from partners. Our audit partners will be updated soon.

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